Social Bookmarking

A very strong internet marketing technique that should not be ignored; social bookmarking provides quality, authoritative backlinks to your site as well as funnelling real potential customers direct to your site. Despite being so powerful, few marketers are really getting the full benefit from their social bookmarking campaigns.

Like most internet marketing techniques there is a right way and a wrong way to socially bookmark your sites. When you go out and create an account at one of the more popular social bookmarking sites like BlogMarks, Delirious, Delicious, Digg etc. you must not just bookmark your own sites. Your account will more than likely be flagged as a spam account and all your bookmarks will be deleted – which is not a good thing. So with a new account, you must first start bookmarking news items that you like the look of, or YouTube videos that you found quite funny. When you have a dozen or so bookmarks, only then should you bookmark some of the pages of your own site. This keeps things looking natural.