Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing going. Whilst many SEO fads come and go, article marketing continues to deliver great results on a consistent basis – and the reasons are obvious. The whole premise of a search engine (like Google) is the ability to present information in an organised way. They are like hungry robots crawling the internet for fresh unique content…or articles. So it stands to reason that if you are pumping out good quality, unique articles on a consistent basis then you will rank well in the search engines.

What Do You Write About?

One of the aspects of article marketing that hold a lot of people back is they struggle with what topics to write about. You may think that the type of business you have doesn’t lend itself to article writing – which is simply not the case. No matter what business you are in, whether you sell a product or service, there is ALWAYS something you can write about. Your customers have questions about your products or services so straight away you can base an article on answering a popular question.

Another great idea is to check out the latest news sites and link one of your products or services to one of these news pieces. This will help you stay current and will help you position yourself as someone that is in touch with the latest issues in your market.

How Long Does an Article Have To Be?

Articles only have to be 300 – 500 words in length. When writing an article, try to use more paragraphs than what you were taught to use in school – it is easier to digest smaller chunks of information rather than large passages of text.

I’ve Written My First 2 Articles, Now What?

Great. Now that you have written at least two articles in your market you need to send them out into the world wide web so that Google can find it, and so can your new customers. With the first one, we recommend loading it on to your website or blog. If you do not have a blog attached to your website it is recommended that you get one.

With the second article, you want to post it to one of the thousands of article directories on the internet. By far the best is – you can create an account for free. Be sure to put a link in your signature that points back to your website and the rest should be self explanatory.

Can I Post The Same Article To Different Places?

In short, it is not recommended. will simply reject articles that are posted elsewhere on the Internet – and they have their ways of knowing. They ONLY want unique articles in their directory and are quite ruthless about filtering out duplicate content. Other directories aren’t so strict and will allow you to submit duplicate content. However, it’s important to note that Google is getting smarter in terms of duplicate content. They will never blacklist a site that has duplicate content, but they may not give it much love either. So avoid cutting corners when it comes to your article marketing, only publish unique articles to your site and the article directories.